Chemical Engineering Interview Questions on Industrial Catalysis which asked in companies listed below [GATE Material]
  • PDIL
  • EIL
  • BARC
  • GAIL
  • IOCL
  • ONGC
  • HPCL
  • DRDO
  • DAE
  • HWB
  • NPCL
  • ISRO
  • RCF
  • HCL
  • BPCL
  • HZL
  • SAIL
  • NTPC
  • FCI
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 Interview Questions on Industrial Catalysis 

1.            What are the functions of a catalyst?
2.            Classify catalysts on the basis of electron mobility.
3.            Name the metal catalysts, at least two of them.
4.            What are catalyst carriers?
5.            Why inhibitors are used?
6.            What are the limitations of Longmuir’s adsorption isotherm?
7.            What are the geometric properties that influence the activity of a catalyst?
8.            Explain Freundlich isotherms.
9.            Differentiate between physical adsorption and chemisorption.
10.          Differentiate between micropores and macropores.
11.          Name two methods of preparation of catalysts.
12.          Name two hydrogenation catalysts.
13.          Why fluidized bed catalytic reactors are more advantageous than fixed bed reactors?
14.          Name two laboratory heterogeneous catalytic reactors.
15.          Define Peclet Number.
16.          What methods are used for the determination of pore size and pore size distribution?
17.          Define the effectiveness factor of a catalyst.
18.          Differentiate between catalyst poisoning and fouling.
19.          What are catalyst supports?
20.          How the deactivated catalysts regenerated?

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21.          Name the different types of heterogeneous catalytic reactions.
22.          Differentiate between monolayer and multilayer adsorption.
23.          How is activation energy altered by catalyst? Explain briefly with suitable example.
24.          How is evaporated film metal catalyst produced?
25.          What are the functions of carriers?
26.          How oxide catalysts are classified?
27.          How conductity measurements useful to predict catalyst activity of a catalyst?
28.          How is an electronic factor influences the activity of catalyst?
29.          Name the materials which are suitable for catalyst carriers.
30.          How is charcoal supported palladium catalyst prepared?
31.          What is callled autocatalysis? Give example.
32.          How is chain radical reaction carried out using catalyst? Give example.
33.          How is ionic heterogeneous catalytic reactions carried out? Give example.
34.          Name the factors that influence the catalytic activity of a solid porous catalyst.
35.          Name the factors to be considered while designing a reactor for heterogeneous catalytic reactions.
36.          Name the reactor and catalyst used for dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons.
37.          How are reversible exothermic gas phase catalytic reactions are carried out?
38.          How is double heat exchange tube catalytic reactor used in the manufacture of ammonia?
39.          What are called bifunctional catalysts?
40.          How is multitude of variables affect the activity of a catalyst?

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41.           What are called negative catalysts? Give examples.
42.          Name any two methods used for the removal of catalytic poison.
43.          What are called carriers? Give examples.
44.          What is called micro heterogeneous catalyst. Give examples.
45.          Define contact time. Mention its usefulness.
46.          Name the device used to collect the catalyst dust in the moving bed catalytic reactor.
47.          Differentiate between catalyst and an initiator.
48.          What is meant by selectivity?
49.          Explain briefly Freundlich isotherm.
50.          Differentiate between activated and inactivated chemisorption.
51.          What is meant by diffusivity?
52.          What is called enzyme catalysis? Give example.
53.          How do the impurities present in the catalyst mixture affect the activity of catalyst?
54.          How does the catalyst alter the activation energy?
55.          Mention any two drawbacks encountered in filtering bed catalytic reactor.
56.          What is meant by codeposition? Name any two catalysts prepared by this method.
57.          How does the surface area influences the catalytic activity of catalyst? Explain.
58.          Write down the Langmuir isotherm equation and explain the terms in it.
59.          Suggest a catalyst for the dehydrogenation of n-butane.
 60.     Write a short note on bimetallic catalyst.

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